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Singer - Songwriter - Performer


Maggie Garnier was born and raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  She began singing at
church at the tender age of 4, and has been singing ever since.
In recent decades, the artist Maggie Garnier has shared her life, her music, and her faith
through music. Maggie’s love for God, coupled with her inviting personality, transcends her
compositions and has earned her a loyal following throughout various Christian cultural
communities. In concert, she encourages us to step out in faith to get to know Christ and to
learn to believe.


               Her latest single, Amazing Grace was released in 2023.  

Amazing Grace is a well known  hymnal, written by John Newton. 

Her rendition includes a Harmonica instrumental piece that helps make the song truly remarkable.   Maggie is known for bringing creativity and uniqueness to her songs.

Many have complimented her for her incredible originality.


Maggie has made the globe her mission field. She avidly takes part in outreach ministry in
places where she feels the Lord wants her to go. She prefers to minister where Jesus walked
when he was among us; in shelters, prisons, and among people in need. “I want people to be
healed,” she shares. “This is why the songs must be life changing. I am satisfied when the
Holy Spirit is moving. I am assured of the presence of God in my music”.

Music has always been a part of her life. She had the privilege of gracing the stage with some
of her most favorite artists like Wintley Phipps, The Heritage Singers, and the one time actor
and Pastor Clifton Davis, just to name a few. They had a strong influence on her throughout
the years.  But those who have affected her the most have set the tone for lifelong goals.
Introduced to the Lord by her wonderful praying mother, Maggie remembers when her
mother began teaching her and her siblings how to sing.


Another fond memory is remembering performing with her late sister, Judith,
who was always ready to push her onto the stage.  Maggie has been
groomed for her solo career by her family ministry known as “The Nu Creation Singers.”  Along
with her siblings, cousins and close friends, this ministry has enjoyed a career that spanned 22
years. The ministry has helped Maggie to understand the importance, influence, and the art of Christian music.


She is diligent in her responsibilities to develop her craft. Now that Maggie has
emerged from the folds of her close knit family, she stands onstage, on her own, with the might
and power bestowed unto her to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet her family is never
far. They are her main supporting  structure.  Maggie has accomplished many things over the years.

Notable accomplishments include:

Grammys consideration for possible Nomination for Single, Silent Night, 2022

Grammys consideration for possible Nomination for Single, Amazing Grace, 2023

2023 Finalist for News 12 Brooklyn Sounds of the Season 

Commercials for Court TV and MTV Performed in concert at Teachers College,

Columbia University.   


Invitation to sing the National Anthem at the World-Renowned Madison Square Garden
for the New York Knicks and the New York Liberty basketball teams respectfully for twelve consecutive years, Including at the Prudential. She has also been invited to sing the National Anthem at the Barclays Center.

She has also performed on the Carnival Cruise, and in many Churches around the world, including Puerto Rico, Paris, London, Canada, and more.
Her songs have been played in various radio stations throughout the New York area. Her
music has also been played in The Women of Substance Music Podcast, WKCR radio
station for Teachers College, and Columbia University.

Maggie was interviewed by Caleb Louissant, a well known Haitian Podcaster who runs the “EPI DAS IT” Podcast. She was interviewed by the Jason Moore radio station, “They Overcame By,” in Alabama.  She was also interviewed by the Christian Radio “Soleil” and “Radio Verite” located in the Tri State area.


Maggie’s music has been advertised in the New York Daily News, Metro, and has been  advertised three times in the Billboard magazine.  

Today she is happily married with 3 young adults. Reindall, Sophia, and Alain.  All three
are musicians.  Maggie and her husband Randy has taught their children to love and serve
God.  As a mother, she could not imagine sending her own son to die for anyone.  Just
knowing that God made that ultimate sacrifice on her behalf always brings Maggie to tears.
With all the challenges that Maggie has experienced, her ability to overcome those challenges
cements her belief that truly, Jesus loves her. “God loves every one of his children, no matter
where they are in life. God looks after the big and little things and we should not despair nor
worry.” Romans 6:14 says, For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.


Maggie is a dedicated Christian. She believes in Christ and believes in His Awesome power.
Her favorite text is John 3:16, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Maggie’s goal is that through her ministry, she will bring people closer to Jesus Christ.  


You can find Maggie on I Heart radio, Vevo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Her
music are available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, and most digital Stores.

Available for Bookings, please contact: Taylor Garnier at

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